1.8 Recap

Davey is led through the vast Freelands tenement and given the opportunity to claim a metal shack in Tin Town.

It takes him hours to find an empty shack among the thousands of makeshift dwellings.

While trying to sleep, he hears ominous things being said by the Grims.

He doubts he will make it through the night.

When he wakes up, he is forced out of the shack by the heat.

A passing Grim tells him the Grims were just high on the steam and indulging in ‘Steamtalk’ which makes a person act and talk strangely.

He is told he will be safe in the Freelands, in spite of the strange things being said.

He is given directions to the bait cabin and sets off there, only to find he has left it too late.

A long wait lies ahead of him.


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