10.2 Recap

Tia and Luna are together huffing steam by the fire when Serenity’s firebombs begin to fall on the Freelands.

While they party, the explosions begin.

At first they think this is nothing out of the ordinary; there are always explosions and flames in the Freelands.

But then they realise these are big explosions and that something is wrong.

Serenity’s bulldozers begin to smash through the walls.

The girls and a few of the Grims run, seeing the carnage Serenity’s attack has inflicted on the Freelands.

They try to tell the others they encounter that they are under attack but the Grims are too busy getting steamed.

A dozer smashes through the fences in front of them, narrowly missing them.

Tia climbs up onto the dozer and tries to attack, but the gun turret spins and blows a hole through her belly.

They manage to steal the dozer but realise Tia is dying.

She tells Luna to tell Davey she loves him and that she always has. Then she throws herself out of the dozer.


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