10.3 Recap


King Solomon tells Davey that he is feeling good to be alive.

A bulldozer took down the fence where they were being attacked by the cattle from the warehouse, allowing Solomon and Davey to escape.

Solomon blames himself for the destruction of his beloved Freelands.

He tells Davey that he thinks Cross was attacked by the cattle too.

He says that he thinks Cross will have taken badly to Deborah dealing with the Freelands.

Solomon says that he owes Deborah his life and they are headed to Serenity to rescue her – reasoning that most of the villagers will be attacking the Freelands.

A party of Grims are already attacking Serenity.

Solomon triggers the bomb that he hid in Wayne Cross’s coffin during their first peace-making visit to Serenity.

They enter Serenity and head for the church to look for Deborah.

When they see the stained glass window of twin crosses, Solomon realises how Cross has been able to wage war on the Freelands.

They find the door to the secret quarters where Simon Cross was hiding out.

They find a dark bathroom in this section of the church and find a large pool of blood and some rope.

They are worried for Deborah’s health after the beating she must have taken.

They set out to look for her.


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