10.4 Recap

Simon has locked Deborah up in the secret room in the basement.

She is enjoying the solitude and safety when he bursts in and starts attacking her.

Though she is restrained, she still taunts him to the point of him giving her a savage beating.

She tells him she killed Wayne and she will kill him too.

She continues to taunt him until he knocks her out.

She wakes up thinking she is in hell, having been killed by his frenzied assault.

A nightmarish figure approaches her, reinforcing the idea that she is in hell.

In spite of the figure’s sickening appearance, it has kindness in its eyes and it sets her free.

She runs from Serenity, desperate to get away from Simon.

She sees the carnage in the Freelands and runs in the opposite direction.

After getting over the wall at the back of Serenity, she sees one of the guards raising his rifle to shoot at her.

She realises she will not make the cover of the trees in time.


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