10.5 Recap

The first bullet just misses Deborah, but the second hits her in the shoulder.

She looks back to try and get an idea of when the next shot is coming and is amazed to see the nightmarish figure who freed her attacking the guard.

She creeps through the trees, equally terrified and excited to be free from Serenity’s oppressive religious creed.

Something is following her through the woods.

She lights the lighter she has brought with her and sees a strange childlike creature creeping through the trees after her.

There are more of them.

When the lighter is lit they stay away, but when it goes out they creep closer.

She has no doubt that they intend to eat her.

They creep ever closer, grabbing at her clothes now.

There are more than she first realises.

They begin to attack her, trying to knock the lighter from her grip.

She fights, but her body is battered from Simon’s attack.

They begin to bite her while she struggles to light the lighter.

Finally, one of them manages to knock the lighter from her hand.


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