2.7 Recap

Deborah is disappointed to be woken by Cross slapping her around the face.

He shows her his sensitive side and gives her some guidance.

He tells her that she will get through it.

She freaks out and starts banging her head against the bars.

He comes in and sedates her.

She wakes up tied to the corner of the cage.

After he has cut her free from her ties, she realises she is growing weak.

She uses the hosewater from her clothes for a drink.

She begs Cross for something to eat, but he won’t give it to her.

As delirium sets in, she decides to feed herself by taking a bite out of her arm.

When Cross next comes in, he tells her God has spoken to her and told her to feed herself.

He again cuts the devil out of her, but this time gives her the chunk of flesh for a meal.

She pushes it out of the cage, repulsed by the thought of what she has done, but knows it won’t be long before she eats it.


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