3.6 Recap

Nicol crawls into Laverick’s house through an upstairs window and finds Laverick dead on the floor in one of the bedrooms.

He hears screams and hideous laughter coming from downstairs.

He uses a knife he finds on the floor to sever Laverick’s head and carries this with him.

He heads for the stairs, but the ominous dummy kid who gave him nightmares after his last visit to Laverick’s house is standing guard. He looks for another way out.

Nicol is scared witless by a toddler hiding behind the curtains on the upstairs landing.

He narrowly avoids being killed and sees a man filling the kitchen with gas and attempting to strike a match.

Nicol dives through the window, taking the murderous toddler with him, and runs, barely escaping the explosion as the man in the kitchen achieves his goal of blowing up the house.

Nicol avoids the falling debris and makes it back to his car with Laverick’s head.


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