4.11 Recap


Cross decides not to castrate Davey, reasoning he will need testosterone to develop into an effective soldier.

Cross begins to cut the devil out of Davey.

Davey tells him that he is wasting his time and he will never see things from Cross’s point of view.

He wakes to find Deborah watching him.

He asks her why she isn’t angry that Cross conbverted her to his religion.

She says that it was all done because of God’s love for her.

Davey tells her that there is no God and says that no God would allow what has happened to the world.

She says that God has decided who deserves to die and that it is all part of some plan.

Davey, furious, says that babies don’t deserve to die.

He tells her about his sister.

Deborah seems upset and rushes out of the room.

Using the Bible Cross gave him as a weapon, Davey attacks Deborah and gets out of his cage.

He attacks Cross as he comes in, stealing his blowtorch.

He lights the pages from the Bible and begins shoving them into the floorboards above them.

The fire quickly catches on, filling the basement tunnels with smoke.

He finds more cages in the corridor.

He moves into a room to hide.

He sees a girl in the cage.

She isn’t paralysed as she moves when she sees him.

He unlocks her cage and edges back into the shadows where an arm wraps tight around his throat.


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