4.5 Recap

When the bulldozer reaches its destination, Davey is searched. His rucksack is thrown into the dust.

They lead him into the village, known as Serenity.

He sees immaculate houses with villagers proudly working on them.

Crucifixes adorn nearly every surface.

Flowers are planted in the village green, but in contrast to this is the man impaled on a wooden spike.

Preacher Kelly explains that this man is a homosexual and it is clear that the village is under very strict religious rule.

They lead Davey to the church at the heart of Serenity and he meets Reverend Wayne Cross for the first time.

Cross invites Davey in for tea.

He quickly sees through Davey’s ruse and tells Davey that he thinks he has been sent by King Solomon.

He tells him that King Solomon is deceiving his people.


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