4.6 Recap

Cross tells Davey that King Solomon has a dark secret hidden in the warehouses in the centre of the Freelands.

Davey asks Cross if he is going to kill him now he knows he has come from the Freelands.

Cross says he is not going to kill him.

He tells him to go back to the Freelands and find out the truth about his King.

Davey asks what if he doesn’t believe him.

Cross takes a gun and puts it in Davey’s hand and presses it to his own forehead.

He tells him to pull the trigger if he truly believes he is lying.

Davey thinks Cross is telling the truth so he doesn’t shoot him.

Cross again tells him to find out the truth about the Freelands.

And he tells him when he finds out the truth to ‘Do the right thing’.

Cross gives him a rucksack with a remote-controlled bomb inside and tells him to plant it in the warehouses and set it off when he gets to a safe distance.

They give Davey some antibiotics to stop infection from his rat bites and take him most of the way back to the Freelands.

Davey lies to the King about where he has been and vows to find out what he is hiding from his people.