5.3 Recap

King Solomon defends his use of the abattoirs by saying he is doing it to provide his people with food, since there is little else to eat.

He gets upset and tells Davey he wishes he’d never taken on the burden of being king.

He asks Davey for his help in coming up with a solution to the problem.

The King insists that they all go unarmed on their visit to Serenity, to show they mean no ill will towards the religious community.

On the way, Davey asks if there are any rivers nearby to obtain food.

Max reacts very warily at the mention of the rivers, telling Davey not to go near them.

King Solomon’s party reaches Serenity and meets with Deborah.

The King pays his respects to her dead husband.

As a peace offering, he has had a coffin made for Reverend Cross.

She accuses him of killing her husband, but he denies it and says that he doesn’t think she seems very upset about his death.

The King offers to help fix up the church that was damaged on the night of Cross’s death.

Deborah accepts his offer.

After the first day of work, they are getting along well.

But someone is watching them from the ruined church spire.


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