5.4 Recap

After a few days of back-breaking labour, the church is looking much better.

The tensions have eased a little, and Deborah invites the King to Reverend Cross’s funeral.

She explains that the majority of Serenity are willing to make peace with the Freelands.

Davey and the King head over to Serenity for the funeral.

The King is in his element mingling and Davey is once again made to think that he is a good man who has had to do bad things to survive.

As the King mingles with the mourners outside the church before the service, Davey sees someone up on the church spire.

In the coffin lid, Davey sees the reflection of a man on the church balcony.

Solomon explains that he has put a bomb in the bottom of the coffin and that he has his hand on a detonator in his pocket.

If they are assassinated, the bomb will go off.

After the service, Deborah insists they stay for the wake.

Davey escorts a drunken King Solomon back to the dozer.

On the way, the King goes to pee behind one of the buildings.

On the way out of Serenity, their vehicle is searched and the guards find a bag of stolen medicine.

The trust gained between the two settlements is lost as guns are aimed in Davey and Solomon’s faces.


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