5.5 Recap

The guards take Davey and the King back to see Deborah.

In front of most of Serenity, they protest their innocence.

Their case is not helped when one of the guards points out that he saw the King come out from by the medicine stores (which is where he chose to pee on the way back to the dozer).

Preacher Kelly tries to take charge of the situation and have them executed.

Deborah insists they keep them locked up overnight and assess the situation in the morning when everyone is sober.

As the village threatens to revolt, Deborah stands her ground and takes some of her close friends to guard the jail where Davey and the King will be kept.

Preacher Kelly and most of Serenity appear at the jail, out for Davey and the King’s blood.

Deborah refuses to back down in the face of most of the village threatening her.

Preacher Kelly tells her that this was all a test that Reverend Cross had insisted she pass upon taking over the running of Serenity.

He tells her they are all impressed with her standing her ground and that they will all follow her word to the letter, even though some of them do want Davey and the King dead.

He explains that he wasn’t behind the medicine being planted in the dozer.

In the morning, Deborah explains that she has seen the CCTV footage of the med stores and knows they weren’t responsible.

The real culprit is unknown to her.


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