5.7 Recap

They manage to get the King into the barn.

Davey is furious, thinking Deborah has set them up, but the King disagrees.

The shooter comes down from the roof of the barn and begins shooting at random through the windows.

Deborah reveals that she only has three bullets left.

Reggie is trying to resuscitate the King, but is killed in the crossfire.

Deborah takes over trying to help the King, and Davey is left on his own against the gunman.

His only weapon is a rusty scythe, as Deborah’s bullets have all been used.

They think the gunman has used all of his bullets too, but then he fires again.

This time, Deborah says he has an assault rifle.

They manage to get the King behind the old tractor in the corner.

In doing so, Davey takes a bullet in the arm.

Davey realises that he is going to have to finish things quickly as he is bleeding badly.

Finally, Davey realises who is attacking them.


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