5.8 Recap

Part six carries on from the story in part three, so here’s a quick recap of that.

Doctor Nicol is working on an ambitious bionics project with the enigmatic Dr Laverick when he discovers that his obsession with his work is due to his own son dying.

Laverick’s quest is to reanimate his dead son who he has dug up and stored in a chest freezer in his workshop.

Laverick murders his wife when she threatens to disrupt his research.

Eventually Laverick manages to succeed in his mission to bring life to the dead and creates his ‘Digital Children’.

Years later, Nicol is given the mission of getting Laverick to work with the government.

Nicol breaks into the house to discover the digital children have murdered Laverick.

Laverick’s house is blown up by Josh Walker, the parent of a digital child.

Nicol gets Laverick’s head and narrowly escapes being blown up.

Bennett, a cullsman, kidnaps one of the surviving digital children who have been taken in by Marsha Walker, Josh’s wife.

Nicol uses the technology in the child to bring Laverick back to life.

Their intention is to have him make more digital children.


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