6.11 Recap

They run out onto the ground floor of the mall to find scenes of carnage on this level too.

Monique is dragged through a door where a group of men have taken it upon themselves to protect the women and kids still trapped in the mall.

They try to figure out what is going on and all say that they have had the vouchers sent out in the post too.

A uniformed man comes to the door and the men beat him to death with the weapons they have gathered from the mall’s stores.

The second time they are not so lucky, they drag the man in and start beating him, but more men come and open fire upon the survivors.

They escape the mall from the fire escape only to find that there are more of the armed men waiting around the ring road that surrounds the mall.

A pile of tangled corpses is already piled up by the side of the road.

The men begin to fire upon Monique and the others.


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