6.12 Recap

Monique’s husband is gunned down and he urges them to run.

They run, but Zeke is hit. He is shot again.

As Monique falls, cradling his body, her daughter is shot too.

She holds them both as they die, unable to bear leaving them.

After finishing her story with Bennett, they head out in the truck.

They see dozens of pits full of bodies, and a few empty ones, as though this had been planned well in advance.

Bennett feels deep remorse for the path he has taken in life.

He realises that Monique has been out in the radiation for days with no protective clothing.

At gunpoint, he insists she wear the space suit to protect her.

They see first-hand the scale of the devastation.

Monique asks for his help looking for Josie, her eldest daughter.


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