6.13 Recap

They try to decide where to go next.

Monique suggests going to the city, but Bennett tells her that the city caused the explosion.

He gets a haunted look in his eye and she asks him where he goes when he’s thinking like that.

He lies to her and says he’s trying to figure out where Josie might have gone.

They find an abandoned book store and secure the building.

Bennett finds Monique in tears by one of the book shelves.

She has seen her daughter’s favourite book and it has brought everything flooding back.

She finds her son’s favourite book too.

She goes to straighten herself up and can’t find Bennett.

After a time he appears and leads her outside where he has dug two small holes in the ground outside the book store.

He carries her dead children over to the graves and explains that they deserve a proper burial.

He explains that he just looked for Slade’s spaceman helmet which he dropped next to where he’d first met Monique.

She is touched by his gesture.

He explains that he is just trying to right his wrongs, but won’t say any more on the subject.

Afterwards, he promises to teach Monique how to fight and shoot a gun.


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