6.4 Recap

The guards return with spacesuits for the prisoners, confirming Bennett’s fears.

Bennett protests, but Slade insists he put the suit on.

He tells him that this is better than taking his chances outside the city with no protective clothing.

Bennett has seen many horrific things in his career as a cullsman, but even he is stunned by the scenes outside the walls.

The spacemen are guarding a perimeter round the city, forcing cars to stop.

At the checkpoint, the survivors are herded together and tested with the Geiger counters.

The uncontaminated go to the right, the contaminated to the left.

When one person from one of the groups is found to be contaminated, the guards wave them to the left.

Some of the group run, but are gunned down.

The rest of the group are burnt.

Bennett, Slade and the rest of the prisoners are to help clear the bodies from the checkpoint.


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