7.1 Recap

King Solomon is still laid up in the Freelands, but Davey starts to feel better.

He takes a shift guarding the King and Tia comes in to check up on him.

He finds out that Tia isn’t his daughter.

King Solomon took her in after.

She tells Davey that he made it his business to make sure families and children were looked after.

Davey becomes smitten with Tia.

He kisses her.

She suggests they go and blow off some steam now that Cross is dead.

Her plan is to go to the river and see if they can find food out there.

She has brought a big jar of steam to help persuade Max to let them go.

She throws it at his feet and he is too busy laughing to stop them leaving the central compound.

Tia tricks one of the guards into letting her and Davey onto one of the dozers.

Then they speed out into the wilderness.


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