7.6 Recap

Rob puts one of the dead rats in a net and explains that they’re going crabbing.

It isn’t long before they catch a big crab.

Davey injures his leg trying to kick it.

The crab attacks them, injuring most of them.

It is very tough to kill.

Luna manages to get it onto its back and they see a line down the middle of its belly.

Luna stabs it on the line and kills it.

They debate going back, but want more to show for their efforts.

The next net produces five of the crabs.

The crabs go on the offensive.

Tia runs to the dozer to try and flip them with the shovel.

The crabs begin to get the better of them, but then arrows begin to fly and a group of Grims appear.

They are not from the Freelands.

They have special shovels that they use to kill the crabs.

As they start to flee, the island they were standing upon raises and they realise it is the shell of a huge crab.


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