8.1 Recap

Monique and Bennett fortify their new home, creating a haven from the radioactive dust and unwelcome visitors.

Monique suggests going out to look for more food.

Bennett insists that, since there is only one hazmat suit, one person go out and the other keep watch with the sniper rifle.

He insists it be him since he will make a tougher target.

He promises to teach her to shoot when he returns.

While he is gone, Monique finds it hard to relax.

He returns three hours later.

After he has showered to rid himself of the fallout, Monique sees some of the scars on his body.

He lies about where they’ve come from.

He tells her he’s found a supermarket not far from their home.

Monique teaches her to shoot and fight.

Monique starts to practice these new skills obsessively to occupy herself.

She takes her turn outside, finding it extremely creepy.

She finds the store, but on her way home hears the revving of an engine.


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