8.11 Recap

Monique tries to humanise herself to the woman who is holding a gun to the back of her head, but it seems her efforts are in vain.

Monique asks the lady if she can turn round and have a drink of her coffee.

The lady agrees, but explains that it will be her last meal.

Monique takes a drink, wincing at the heat, then distracts the woman by glancing at the window.

While the woman is distracted, Monique throws the red hot coffee in her face and stabs her in the throat with the broken coffee cup.

After making sure no one else is coming, she settles down with a book.

She falls asleep.

A noise from across the room wakes her up and she realises she is no longer alone.

Monique is overjoyed to discover that the person who woke her up is Bennett.

Bennett treats her wounds with some medical supplies he has stolen from the town’s pharmacy.

He explains he killed some of Pablo’s men but not all of them.

He says he wants to burn the garage to the ground but doesn’t feel well.

He tells her it’s time to move on again.

They find another quiet town, away from Pablo and his men, and hole up in the book store there.

Things are going well until Bennett begins to get really tired all of a sudden.

He tells Monique he wants her to put him down when he gets too bad.

He also says he wishes he’d managed to turn his medicine round, but that he is finally getting what he deserves for the life he has lived.

She promises she’ll kill bad people in his honour.

She puts her gun to his head and finally pulls the trigger.

She remembers all the good he has done and takes his body to where they buried her children.

She buries him next to them.

While she is in town, she goes to see if Pablo and his friends are still there.

The place seems to have grown bigger, with more idiots and more girls held captive in the vans.

She vows to one day make them pay.


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