8.6 Recap

Bennett opens the van containing the dead girl and is deeply upset by the state of her body.

He pulls her out and the mattress and Pablo tells him to burn the body.

Pablo is nonchalant about the whole thing; obviously the girl means very little to him.

Bennett hates him and it takes all of his self control not to attack him.

He chooses Pablo’s favourite girl as his reward for helping to clean out the van.

Her terror upon seeing someone in the van with her saddens Bennett.

In passing, she mentions Bennett putting her out of her misery.

Bennett leans in and asks if this is what she really wants.

She agrees.

He makes it seem like he is having his way with her then puts her out of her misery, explaining that she got his knife while he was distracted.

In the confusion, Bennett takes a hostage, but he is disappointed that it isn’t Pablo.

He takes the man back to where Monique was hiding and she says she could happily kill him without remorse.


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