8.9 Recap

She manages to shoot the man before he fires upon her, but it is not a fatal shot.

He follows her through the graveyard, managing to wound her with a glancing shot.

She opens fire on the man, making him stumble over one of the gravestones.

But when she moves in for the final shot, her gun clicks empty.

They each manage to shoot each other again before the man sneaks up on Monique and knocks the gun from her hand.

She runs and finds a piece of marble which she hopes to use as a weapon.

The man mistakes her for the body of her previous victim in the graveyard and closes in.

She throws the marble and stuns him, then finishes him with her knife.

She leaves the graveyard to find that the man she has just killed was guarding a van.

She climbs in and sets off for the next town.


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