9.11 Recap


Davey is asleep in the Freelands when he hears a huge explosion.

He sees fire and explosions on the other side of the Freelands and sets off to make sure the King is ok.

He is almost trampled in the carnage as Grims are running in seemingly every direction.

One of the Grims rescues Davey and they reach the hospital.

The King leads everyone to the armoury where he reveals that there aren’t many bullets.

A lot of Grims desert him at this point.

Cross’s bulldozers and grenade blasts begin to draw closer.

Solomon explains that he built the Freelands tactically.

The vehicles will get stuck.

Solomon and his party can escape past the warehouses and on the way they will free the prisoners, who will attack any invaders.

This plan is disrupted when they reach the warehouses only to find that the prisoners have already been freed.

Trapped between the hordes of starved, deformed prisoners and Cross’s advancing religious army, Davey, Solomon and a small group of Grims begin to fight for their lives.

Though Solomon fights hard, he is dragged down by the starved prisoners.

They pull Davey down and he is soon overwhelmed.