9.8 Recap

Another sighting of her husband makes Deborah wonder what is happening.

She feels like she is losing her mind.

She has an early night with a bottle of wine to try and take her mind off her problem, but wakes with the persistent feeling of being watched.

She sees someone and knows that it is definitely Wayne.

She scours the upstirs of the church, finally coming out into the corridor and banging on the walls and screaming.

As she slumps back, drained, part of the wall gives way.

She slides back the wall to reveal a hidden door.

Though she doesn’t want to find out what’s going on, she has already opened the door.

She finds a staircase going down into the basement where there is a secret room.

While she is staring in bemusement at a photo on the desk, a door creaks open and she finds herself face to face with Simon Cross, Wayne’s twin brother.


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