Series 2 Recap

Part 5

Deborah is dazed after a beating from Reverend Cross for allowing Davey to escape the cage in the basement.

She is trying to make her out of the tunnels beneath the church when she sees her husband attacking Davey.

After a moment of indecision she remembers a fantasy she had of the child she lost.

She goes in and kills Reverend Cross.

On the way out, she collapses.

Davey picks her up and hands her to Preacher Kelly before he escapes Serenity.

Deborah stays with Preacher Kelly and his wife while the fire crews tend to the flames.

She finds out that Wayne asked for her to take over the running of the town in the event of his death.

She has two sightings of her dead husband but is too scared to mention it to anyone.


Davey returns to the Freelands to find that nothing much has changed.

He goes to see the King, leaving Duke outside the central compound.

Max tells him that the King isn’t keen on dogs.

The King is relieved to see him and comforts Davey.

Davey confirms that Cross is dead, although he is still unaware who killed him.

The King explains that he is going to pay his respects to Cross at the funeral and suggest that they attempt to reconcile the two communities.

When there is a lull in the conversation Davey tells the King that he knows about the people being used for food in the Freelands’ warehouses.


King Solomon defends his use of the abattoirs by saying he is doing it to provide his people with food, since there is little else to eat.

He gets upset and tells Davey he wishes he’d never taken on the burden of being king.

He asks Davey for his help in coming up with a solution to the problem.

The King insists that they all go unarmed on their visit to Serenity, to show they mean no ill will towards the religious community.

King Solomon’s party reaches Serenity and meets with Deborah.

The King pays his respects to her dead husband.

As a peace offering, he has had a coffin made for Reverend Cross.

Deborah accuses him of killing her husband, but he denies it and says that he doesn’t think she seems very upset about his death.

The King offers to help fix up the church that was damaged on the night of Cross’s death.

Deborah accepts his offer.

After a few days of back-breaking labour, the church is looking much better.

The tensions have eased a little, and Deborah invites the King to Reverend Cross’s funeral.

She explains that the majority of Serenity are willing to make peace with the Freelands.

As the King mingles with the mourners outside the church before the service, Davey sees someone up on the church spire.

In the coffin lid, Davey sees the reflection of a man on the church balcony.

Solomon explains that he has put a bomb in the bottom of the coffin and that he has his hand on a detonator in his pocket.

If they are assassinated, the bomb will go off.

After the service, Deborah insists they stay for the wake.

Davey escorts a drunken King Solomon back to the dozer.

On the way out of Serenity, their vehicle is searched and the guards find a bag of stolen medicine.

The trust gained between the two settlements is lost as guns are aimed in Davey and Solomon’s faces.


The guards take Davey and the King back to see Deborah.

In front of most of Serenity, they protest their innocence.

Their case is not helped when one of the guards points out that he saw the King come out from by the medicine stores (which is where he chose to pee on the way back to the dozer).

Preacher Kelly tries to take charge of the situation and have them executed.

Deborah insists they keep them locked up overnight and assess the situation in the morning when everyone is sober.

As the village threatens to revolt, Deborah stands her ground and takes some of her close friends to guard the jail where Davey and the King will be kept.

Preacher Kelly and most of Serenity appear at the jail, out for Davey and the King’s blood.

Deborah refuses to back down in the face of most of the village threatening her.

Preacher Kelly tells her that this was all a test that Reverend Cross had insisted she pass upon taking over the running of Serenity.

He tells her they are all impressed with her standing her ground and that they will all follow her word to the letter, even though some of them do want Davey and the King dead.

He explains that he wasn’t behind the medicine being planted in the dozer.


After being freed, Davey and the King meet Deborah by Reverend Cross’s graveside.

They walk through the village to the allotments.

Deborah shows them how Serenity has been producing food and wine.

They agree to trade between their communities.

The tensions are all but forgotten.

When everything seems to be improving, a gunshot rings out.

A shot hits the King in the chest and he falls.


They manage to get the King into the barn.

Davey is furious, thinking Deborah has set them up, but the King disagrees.

The shooter comes down from the roof of the barn and begins shooting at random through the windows.

Deborah takes over trying to help the King, and Davey is left – without bullets – on his own against the gunman.

They think the gunman has used all of his bullets too, but then he fires again.

This time, Deborah says he has an assault rifle.

They manage to get the King behind the old tractor in the corner.

In doing so, Davey takes a bullet in the arm.

Davey realises that he is going to have to finish things quickly as he is bleeding badly.

Finally, Davey realises who is attacking them.


Davey realises that their unseen assailant is Old Jimmy, who fled to Serenity after his brother and friends were executed in the Freelands.

Deborah is still trying to revive the king, so Davey is on his own.

Old Jimmy ceases his toying with them – shooting from outside the barn – and comes in to finish them.

Davey manages to get the better of him, blasting him to pieces with the assault rifle.

Davey wakes up in the Freelands hospital.

The King is in the next bed, but Davey thinks he is dead.

The doctors explain that they are both fine, they just need rest and antibiotics.


Part 6

The mayor’s aide suggests using the digital humans as workers.

Bennett finds himself surrounded by new faces at work.

He asks Slade, his boss, what is going on and is told about the mayor’s plan.

He is advised to do his job and not worry about anything else.

He goes to sleep for the last time before his world is changed forever.


We are told that there were culls before, they were just more subtle.

They were passed off as terrorist attacks, lone gunman attacks, to avoid arousing suspicion.

In spite of this, the cullsmen’s efforts weren’t enough so a new plan came into play.

A web of lies was spun saying that there was threat of conflict from a foreign land.

But it was all done by the government to control the population.

The plan failed and the culls became a blatant thing.


Bennett wakes to a call from Slade, his boss.

Slade – sounding utterly terrified – tells him to get out of his house and meet him.

When Bennett meets him, he is visibly shaken and keeps checking his watch.

They drive out to the country.

On the way, Bennett demands to know what is going on.

He wishes he hadn’t found out as the words are life-changing.

Slade tells him that they aren’t going to make it to their destination in time.



Bennett and Slade drive through suburbia and head towards a walled city that hasn’t appeared on any map.

Before they reach their destination, there is a vast explosion that rocks the car and blots out the sun.

They make it to the city to see guards with hazmat suits on.

A tunnel takes them under the city where they are washed down and checked for contamination.

They are taken into the city in a van.

They are told they are going outside on clean up duty.


The guards return with spacesuits for the prisoners, confirming Bennett’s fears.

Bennett protests, but Slade insists he put the suit on.

He tells him that this is better than taking his chances outside the city with no protective clothing.

Bennett has seen many horrific things in his career as a cullsman, but even he is stunned by the scenes outside the walls.

The spacemen are guarding a perimeter round the city, forcing cars to stop.

At the checkpoint, the survivors are herded together and tested with the Geiger counters.

The uncontaminated go to the right, the contaminated to the left.

When one person from one of the groups is found to be contaminated, the guards wave them to the left.

Some of the group run, but are gunned down.

The rest of the group are burnt.

Bennett, Slade and the rest of the prisoners are to help clear the bodies from the checkpoint.


Bennett looks upon vast mountains of corpses.

They are told to throw them into the back of a dumper truck.

This goes on or five hours, then they get a three hour break.

This cycle repeats over and over.

Bennett soon gets sick of the job they have been given and tells Slade he will make a break for it if he gets the chance.

He tells Slade that he could at least help since he has got him into this mess.

On the last few shifts, at least one of the cleaners has been shot in their sleep, so Bennett decides to make a break for it.

He waits until the dump truck is relatively full then climbs in, hiding among the corpses.

But he is only partially covered when someone approaches his hiding place.


The figure approaches the back of the dumper truck then dips out of Bennett’s view.

Bennett hears them saying that their back is gone and they are unable to carry on with their task.

He realises it is Slade’s voice and that his boss is giving him time to hide.

He hides himself fully then Slade’s body lands in the truck in front of him.

When the truck is full it sets off, crushing Bennett beneath the weight of the bodies.

The truck stops and tips all the bodies out.

Bennett finds himself in a vast trench of dead.

Trucks are coming from different directions, adding to the mountains of dead.

The scale of devastation saddens and sickens him.

While he is taking it in, he feels a hand grasp his ankle.


He drops the helmet he had been carrying and goes to attack the person who has grabbed him.

He stops when he sees it is a lady, Monique.

She has laid there for days, clutching the corpses of two of her dead children.

She tells Bennett that her third child is missing still and she doesn’t know where she is.

Monique tells him she is lying there, plucking up the courage to kill herself. She doesn’t want to leave her children.

Bennett wishes her well and climbs out of the pit.

He is caught by the driver of one of the dumper trucks who aims a shotgun at him.

Monique kills the driver.

She is waiting in the truck to help Bennett make his escape.

He disappears for a second then they set off.

He asks how she ended up in the pit.


Monique, her husband and three children are sitting in an Italian restaurant.

They’ve received a voucher through the post, directing them to their local mall on a certain day.

The mall is ridiculously crowded, but police have blocked off the roads, stopping anyone going back.

In the restaurant, Monique is watching a dad entertaining his baby son.

He is making the spoon into an aeroplane and making explosions as the food goes into his son’s mouth.

The third explosion is blotted out by a huge explosion which shakes the mall to its foundations.


Glass rains down on the stunned patrons of the restaurant.

Monique and her family take shelter beneath the table until it is safe to move.

They try to call Josie, her oldest daughter, but there is no phone reception.

The mall has been trashed by the bomb blast.

Dead and dying people are everywhere.

Monique and her family search the crowds for Josie.

As they walk, a huge crowd of people are running in the opposite direction.

In the panic, they don’t have chance to ask why they are running.

Gunfire rings out and a team of armed black-clad men appear rom out of the smoke.


In their panic Monique thinks clearly and points out a record store which has two levels.

She plans to use the store to get downstairs and flee.

The upstairs is clear, and they start to descend.

One of the uniformed assassins lies in wait behind the store’s service desk.

They begin to creep through the store towards him.

They realise that the guard will see them if they head straight for the exit, so they are forced to head towards the service desk.

Just as they start to set off for it, the gunman begins unloading, but he has shot a bunch of teenagers who were trying to hide in the store.

Terrified, they wait by the desk.

Before they can run, the DVD shelving behind them is tipped over.


They run out onto the ground floor of the mall to find scenes of carnage on this level too.

Monique is dragged through a door where a group of men have taken it upon themselves to protect the women and kids still trapped in the mall.

They try to figure out what is going on and all say that they have had the vouchers sent out in the post too.

A uniformed man comes to the door and the men beat him to death with the weapons they have gathered from the mall’s stores.

The second time they are not so lucky, they drag the man in and start beating him, but more men come and open fire upon the survivors.

They escape the mall from the fire escape only to find that there are more of the armed men waiting around the ring road that surrounds the mall.

A pile of tangled corpses is already piled up by the side of the road.

The men begin to fire upon Monique and the others.


Monique’s husband is gunned down and he urges them to run.

They run, but Zeke is hit. He is shot again.

As Monique falls, cradling his body, her daughter is shot too.

She holds them both as they die, unable to bear leaving them.

After finishing her story with Bennett, they head out in the truck.

They see dozens of pits full of bodies, and a few empty ones, as though this had been planned well in advance.

Bennett feels deep remorse for the path he has taken in life.

He realises that Monique has been out in the radiation for days with no protective clothing.

At gunpoint, he insists she wear the space suit to protect her.

They see first-hand the scale of the devastation.

Monique asks for his help looking for Josie, her eldest daughter.


They try to decide where to go next.

Monique suggests going to the city, but Bennett tells her that the city caused the explosion.

He gets a haunted look in his eye and she asks him where he goes when he’s thinking like that.

He lies to her and says he’s trying to figure out where Josie might have gone.

They find an abandoned book store and secure the building.

Bennett finds Monique in tears by one of the book shelves.

She has seen the favourite books of her children and it has brought everything flooding back.

She goes to straighten herself up and can’t find Bennett.

After a time he appears and leads her outside where he has dug two small holes in the ground outside the book store.

He carries her dead children over to the graves and explains that they deserve a proper burial.

He explains that he just looked for Slade’s spaceman helmet which he dropped next to where he’d first met Monique.

She is touched by his gesture.

He explains that he is just trying to right his wrongs, but won’t say any more on the subject.


Part 7

King Solomon is still laid up in the Freelands, but Davey starts to feel better.

He takes a shift guarding the King and Tia comes in to check up on him.

He finds out that Tia isn’t his daughter, that King Solomon took her in after.

She tells Davey that he made it his business to make sure families and children were looked after.

Davey becomes smitten with Tia.

He kisses her.

She suggests they go to the river and see if they can find food out there.

She has brought a big jar of steam to help persuade Max to let them go.

She throws it at his feet and he is too busy laughing to stop them leaving the central compound.

Tia tricks one of the guards into letting her and Davey onto one of the dozers.

Then they speed out into the wilderness.


Outside the Freelands, Davey meets Luna, Rob and Loco, some of the other kids who have been under King Solomon’s protection.

They explain that they need to get some monster bait and head out to the garbage mountains.

They catch some rats there and head off to go fishing.


They drive the dozer out into the country.

They see creepy trees with branches like tentacles.

As they drive closer, the branches seem to sense them and begin to come for the dozer.

They throw one of the rats to distract the branches and drive in the opposite direction.

They narrowly get away.


As they near the river, the ground becomes too soggy for the dozer so they proceed on foot.

Horrible, misshapen creatures are swimming around in the river.

They plan to throw one of the rats in and haul the fish out together.

All of them are needed to haul one of the smaller creatures out of the river.

They catch a few smaller ones, but Rob suggests one big catch.


They catch a big fish and use the dozer to reel it in.

Loco goes to finish it off, but it gets his head in its mouth and slowly begins to consume him.

They cut the monster open, but Loco is already dead, dissolved by the powerful acids in the creature’s stomach.

They kill the creature and manage to get it into the fridge unit they’ve brought along for the ride.

Rob suggests somewhere else they could go for food, but warns them that it’s even more dangerous than this section of the river.


Rob puts one of the dead rats in a net and explains that they’re going crabbing.

It isn’t long before they catch a big crab.

Davey injures his leg trying to kick it.

The crab attacks them, injuring most of them.

They debate going back, but want more to show for their efforts.

The next net produces five of the crabs.

The crabs go on the offensive.

Tia runs to the dozer to try and flip them with the shovel.

The crabs begin to get the better of them, but then arrows begin to fly and a group of Grims appear.

They are not from the Freelands.

They have special shovels that they use to kill the crabs.

As they start to flee, the island they were standing upon raises and they realise it is the shell of a huge crab.


The big crab goes on the attack and the Grims lead the kids away.

The dozer is stuck in the mud, leaving Tia trapped.

The noise has alerted the crabs who are heading towards her.

Davey tries to go and help her, but the Grims drag him away.

They are headed over a long rope bridge when the creatures begin leaping out of the water.

Davey goes to stab the creature but accidentally cuts one of the bridge’s ropes.

The bridge begins to collapse, and more creatures attack it.

The bridge lands in the water and the creatures begin to surface.


Luna and Davey are on their own section of bridge, floating in the water.

They use loose planks as spears to keep the creatures away, but it becomes clear that this tactic will not be useful for long.

Davey is about to stab one of the creatures between the eyes when Luna stops him.

He sees that it is one of the Grims.

They help him up and he helps them fight off the creatures.

Two Grims on another raft are pulled under and eaten alive.

The creatures begin to pull their raft under.

Luna is almost dragged under but Davey saves her.

They realise they are fighting a losing battle, so Davey stabs the Grim on their raft and throws him in the water.

He shoves Luna the other way, towards the shore and tells her to swim for it.


The Grim is soon consumed.

Davey and Luna are still a long way from the shore when the splashing near the Grim stops.

They realise that this means the creatures are now after them.

They catch them and Luna is pulled under the water.

Davey goes under after her and gets a glimpse of how terrifying these creatures really are.

He and Luna manage to fight them off.

He swims, dragging her, while she attacks them with the knife.

They reach the shore.

Luna tells him that she thinks Tia will be fine.

They return to the dozer to find it empty, blood smeared across it.

While Davey panics, Luna looks and sees fresh tyre tracks in the mud.

They set off on foot in pursuit.


Part 8

Monique and Bennett fortify their new home, creating a haven from the radioactive dust and unwelcome visitors.

Monique suggests going out to look for more food.

Bennett insists that, since there is only one hazmat suit, one person go out and the other keep watch with the sniper rifle.

He insists it be him since he will make a tougher target.

He promises to teach her to shoot when he returns.

While he is gone, Monique finds it hard to relax.

He returns three hours later.

After he has showered to rid himself of the fallout, Monique sees some of the scars on his body.

He lies about where they’ve come from.

He tells her he’s found a supermarket not far from their home.

Bennett teaches her to shoot and fight.

Monique starts to practice these new skills obsessively to occupy herself.

She takes her turn outside, finding it extremely creepy.

She finds the store, but on her way home hears the revving of an engine.


A gang of armed men come into the store and start acting like they own the place.

Monique takes an instant dislike to them.

She is terrified out here on her own and feels utterly out of her depth.

When she gets back she tells Bennett they are not alone in the town.


Bennett stuns her by telling her he already knew about the men.

He tells he concealed their presence to protect her.

When she tells him she felt utterly out of her depth, he reassures her and tells her to trust him.

She tells him that she doesn’t trust him.

She confronts him about lying about his past.

As part of his attempts to get his medicine right, he tells her about his past as a cullsman.

When he laughs about killing a high street full of shoppers, Monique storms off and locks herself in her room.

Later that night, she takes her gun and creeps into Bennett’s room, seeking vengeance against the organisation responsible for the death of her family.

She raises the gun to his temple and puts her finger on the trigger.


Monique wills herself to kill Bennett, but is unable to do it.

She goes in every night for almost a month and is unable to do it.

The last time, he wakes up and talks to her.

He reveals that he has heard her come in every time and has been willing to die if that is his medicine.

He tells her that he thinks the reason she hasn’t killed him yet is because he has a lot more good to do in the world.

He tells her that he wants her to kill someone in cold blood, to get a taste for doing it.

He suggests one of the men from garage, saying that they are bad.

And he tells her to put on the suit and he’ll show her how bad they really are.


Monique puts on the suit and they go out together.

They are almost discovered by the men as they drive past in their van.

Bennett leads them to the men’s home – a garage which is full of vans and the sounds of partying.

Bennett tells her to hide and watch through the sniper rifle while he greets the men.

The men, led by Pablo, a man in a red bandanna, have got women chained up in the vans.

He explains that Bennett can enjoy some time in the van with one of the girls if he brings them food or guns.

Pablo tells Bennett he can have some time in the van if he helps to clean out a van were one of the girls has died.

Bennett agrees, intending to kidnap Pablo when he gets chance.


Bennett opens the van containing the dead girl and is deeply upset by the state of her body.

He pulls her out and the mattress and Pablo tells him to burn the body.

Pablo is nonchalant about the whole thing; the girl means nothing to him.

Bennett hates him and it takes all of his self control not to attack him.

He chooses Pablo’s favourite girl as his reward for helping to clean out the van.

Her terror upon seeing someone in the van with her saddens Bennett.

In passing, she mentions Bennett putting her out of her misery.

Bennett leans in and asks if this is what she really wants.

She agrees.

He makes it seem like he is having his way with her then puts her out of her misery, explaining that she got his knife while he was distracted.

In the confusion, Bennett takes a hostage, but he is disappointed that it isn’t Pablo.

He takes the man back to where Monique was hiding and she says she could happily kill him without remorse.


Bennett helps Monique get the man home, then goes back to erase the tracks from the trolley they have used to transport him.

Bennett comes back, explaining that he almost got caught.

He doesn’t feel well, but manages to pull himself round.

He and Monique face the man they have kidnapped and make him take his medicine.

Bennett explains that they need to get out of town now, as Pablo and his men will come looking for them.

He says he wants to kill them all, but knows there are far too many of them.

They move on after Monique spends a little time at the graves of her children.


As Bennett and Monique begin their journey out of town, Pablo and his band of degenerates close in.

Bennett tells Monique to run for it while he distracts the men.

He says he’ll meet her at the book shop in the next town if he manages to survive.

Just as Monique begins her escape, she overhears Pablo drawing nearer to Bennett’s hiding place.

She hears gunshots behind her as she moves on.

She creeps through the graveyard.

After killing one of the men, she finds another man standing guard with a shotgun.

She doubts her abilities, but knows it is the only way out of the graveyard.

She forces herself to confront him.


She manages to shoot the man before he fires upon her, but it is not a fatal shot.

He follows her through the graveyard, managing to wound her with a glancing shot.

She opens fire on the man, making him stumble over one of the gravestones.

But when she moves in for the final shot, her gun clicks empty.

They each manage to shoot each other again before the man sneaks up on Monique and knocks the gun from her hand.

She runs and finds a piece of marble which she hopes to use as a weapon.

The man mistakes her for the body of her previous victim in the graveyard and closes in.

She throws the marble and stuns him, then finishes him with her knife.

She leaves the graveyard to find that the man she has just killed was guarding a van.

She climbs in and sets off for the next town.


Monique feels people watching her but sees no one.

She finds a book shop which joins onto a tea room and checks it out to see if she can stay here.

She sneaks inside and looks around.

The place is empty so she begins to check out the supplies.

While the kettle boils, she goes upstairs to check out the books.

She goes back down and pours the boiled water into the coffee.

As she does so, she notices that the spoon has been moved.

While she ponders this, she hears someone behind her.


Monique tries to humanise herself to the woman who is holding a gun to the back of her head, but it seems her efforts are in vain.

Monique asks the lady if she can turn round and have a drink of her coffee.

The lady agrees, but explains that it will be her last meal.

Monique takes a drink, wincing at the heat, then distracts the woman by glancing at the window.

While the woman is distracted, Monique throws the red hot coffee in her face and stabs her in the throat with the broken coffee cup.

After making sure no one else is coming, she settles down with a book.

She falls asleep.

A noise from across the room wakes her up and she realises she is no longer alone.


Monique is overjoyed to discover that the person who woke her up is Bennett.

Bennett treats her wounds with some medical supplies he has stolen from the town’s pharmacy.

He explains he killed some of Pablo’s men but not all of them.

He says he wants to burn the garage to the ground but doesn’t feel well.

He tells her it’s time to move on again.

They find another quiet town, away from Pablo and his men, and hole up in the book store there.


Things are going well until Bennett begins to get really tired all of a sudden.

He tells Monique he wants her to put him down when he gets too bad.

He also says he wishes he’d managed to turn his medicine round, but that he is finally getting what he deserves for the life he has lived.

She promises she’ll kill bad people in his honour.

She puts her gun to his head and finally pulls the trigger.

She remembers all the good he has done and takes his body to where they buried her children.

She buries him next to them.

While she is in town, she goes to see if Pablo and his friends are still there.

The place seems to have grown bigger, with more idiots and more girls held captive in the vans.

She vows to one day make them pay.


Part 9

Davey and Luna follow the van tracks and eventually come to a garage where there are men with guns.

They are worried by the idea of Tia being with these men.

Before they can do anything, a black hearse appears and speeds towards the garage.

The driver starts gunning down the men as he drives round the garage.

After igniting the trail of petrol he has left round the garage, he gets out and starts freeing the girls from the vans.

The figure takes Tia and speeds away.

Davey asks what they have just watched and Luna tells him it is the medicine man.


They follow the medicine man’s trail to the nearest town and start trying to figure out where he has taken Tia.

Luna tells Davey that the medicine man loves books, so it would be a good idea to look for him in a book store.

They find a book store, but Luna says it isn’t the medicine man’s style.

While there, they take some books.

They eventually find a likely looking place and make their way inside.

They obey a note on the wall and surrender their weapons.

They find a lift in the darkness.

Luna knocks out a song on the door and the lift descends.


The lift is empty.

Davey is about to step in, but Luna tells him that there is a ritual to be observed.

She takes out the books they have taken from the previous book store and puts one of them in the lift.

Davey becomes increasingly nervous.

The lift comes back down and the medicine man has written them a note asking what they want.

The conversation goes back and forth on pieces of paper in the lift.

Finally, Davey declares his love for Tia on his note.

The medicine man asks him to prove it.

Against Luna’s wishes, he steps into the lift and goes up.

Davey finds himself at the end of the medicine man’s gun.


The medicine man laughs and says that Davey must be smitten if he is willing to risk dying for Tia.

He then reveals that he is actually Monique.

Davey sees Tia and she is dazed, but ok.

Luna meets Monique and she is in awe of her skills.

They ask Monique to come and live in the Freelands with them, but she declines, saying that she needs to focus on finding her daughter.

She offers to drive them back to the Freelands.


Monique drives them home to the Freelands.

When they get there, Tia invites her in.

Monique insists that she doesn’t want to stay, but Tia explains that she just wants to give her a gift as a thank you.

She takes Monique to the warehouses with the discarded belongings of the people who have been eaten by the King and his followers.

While there, Monique sees the head of her missing daughter’s teddy bear.


Monique knows that the bear belongs to her daughter’s but picks the bear up anyway just to confirm it.

Memories come flooding back.

When she sees blood stains on the bear’s back, she is overcome with emotion.

She goes back to her car, arms herself and goes into the warehouses, searching for her daughter.

She remembers Bennett’s creed of getting his medicine right and begins freeing the imprisoned people.


The freed prisoners begin attacking the guards around the warehouses.

Monique is saddened and sickened by what humanity has been reduced to.

She frees all of the prisoners then climbs up on the roof, looking for her daughter through the sniper scope.

After she has realised that her daughter isn’t there, she begins searching for King Solomon.


Things have begun to go smoothly for Deborah in Serenity.

While in the shower, she sees someone who closely resembles her dead husband.

She thinks it is his ghost, but when she goes back into the bathroom, she sees ‘Jesus saves,’ has been written in the condensation on the mirror.

She walks around outside to clear her head.

After another sighting of Wayne at bedtime, she decides to confess her sin to try and absolve her guilt.

This makes her feel better and it seems like the haunting has passed.

Until about a week after her confession.


Another sighting of her husband makes her wonder what is happening.

She feels like she is losing her mind.

She has an early night with a bottle of wine to try and take her mind off her problem, but wakes with the persistent feeling of being watched.

She sees someone and knows that it is definitely Wayne.

She scours the upstirs of the church, finally coming out into the corridor and banging on the walls and screaming.

As she slumps back, drained, part of the wall gives way.

She slides back the wall to reveal a hidden door.

Though she doesn’t want to find out what’s going on, she has already opened the door.

She finds a staircase going down into the basement where there is a secret room.

While she is staring in bemusement at a photo on the desk, a door creaks open and she finds herself face to face with Simon Cross, Wayne’s twin brother.


Simon explains that he and Wayne took turns to be the one in the church while the other stayed in the basement room.

Deborah thinks back to her time in the cage, when her captor’s scars appeared on different legs and his entire demeanour seemed different.

Simon is enraged that she has made peace with the Freelands.

She awakes, imprisoned somewhere in the basement.

He is furious how she has relaxed Serenity’s religious code.

He leaves her in the darkness and goes out to meet with his villagers.

A crowd assembles and he tells them that he is ashamed of what Serenity has become.

He knows there have been teenagers having sex in the village and he says he is going to cleanse their sins and remind everyone of Serenity’s values.


Simon Cross pours bleach over Edward Maughan, the young sinner, and gets a wire brush.

He says he is going to scrub the sin from Maughan with the wire brush and offers the brushes to the villagers.

The final one he saves for Maughan’s girlfriend.

She refuses to do it, even at gunpoint.

Cross throws her in the hole too and pours a vat of boiling water over the pair.

The villagers move in and scrub the flesh from their bodies.

Maughan dies, but the girl survives.

Cross then says that they need to get back in God’s graces and demands that they declare war on the Freelands.


Davey is asleep in the Freelands when he hears a huge explosion.

He sees fire and explosions on the other side of the Freelands and sets off to make sure the King is ok.

He is almost trampled in the carnage as Grims are running in seemingly every direction.

One of the Grims rescues Davey and they reach the hospital.

The King leads everyone to the armoury where he reveals that there aren’t many bullets.

A lot of Grims desert him at this point.

Cross’s bulldozers and grenade blasts begin to draw closer.

Solomon explains that he built the Freelands tactically.

The vehicles will get stuck.

Solomon and his party can escape past the warehouses and on the way they will free the prisoners, who will attack any invaders.

This plan is disrupted when they reach the warehouses only to find that the prisoners have already been freed.

Trapped between the hordes of starved, deformed prisoners and Cross’s advancing religious army, Davey, Solomon and a small group of Grims begin to fight for their lives.

Though Solomon fights hard, he is dragged down by the starved prisoners.

They pull Davey down and he is soon overwhelmed.