Series one Recap

Part 1

A young boy’s family – including his beloved baby sister – is murdered during an attack by the city’s Cullsmen.

During his escape he drowns another boy in a bathtub.

He takes the boy’s identity – Davey Knight – and flees into the Freelands: a makeshift city ran by King Solomon.

While in the Freelands he is attacked by Old Jimmy and his gang.

King Solomon has the gang brutally executed, but Old Jimmy evades capture.

King Solomon tells Davey that in order to live in the Freelands he must do something to earn his place and that he will know it when the time comes.

He asks Davey to kill someone for him.


Part 2

Deborah – a pregnant nineteen-year-old – is awoken at a house party only to find a sinister man has murdered all of her friends.

Her boyfriend dies in the confrontation and the man abducts her.

She wakes up in a cage in a dingy basement to discover that this man is Reverend Wayne Cross – a devout Christian intent on leading sinners back to God’s side.

He is dangerously unstable, with highly unpredictable mood swings.

He makes her miscarry by repeatedly stamping on her belly.

She is kept in the cage for forty days and nights with nothing to eat.

A part of her is carved away each day.

Cross seals the wounds shut with a blowtorch to avoid her bleeding to death.

In desperation she takes to eating the skin from her biceps.

He tells her that she has spoken to God and that He will guide her through her time in the cage.

She tells him that she has felt God helping her through her ordeal.

She comes to be grateful for Wayne helping her to meet God.

After she passes this test, Wayne lets her out of the cage to live in luxury in his church home.


Part 3

Doctor Nicol is working on an ambitious bionics project with the enigmatic Dr Laverick when he discovers that his obsession with his work is due to his own son dying.

Laverick’s quest is to reanimate his dead son who he has dug up and stored in a chest freezer in his workshop.

Laverick murders his wife when she threatens to disrupt his research.

Eventually Laverick manages to succeed in his mission to bring life to the dead and creates his ‘Digital Children’.

Years later, Nicol is given the mission of getting Laverick to work with the government.

Nicol breaks into the house to discover the digital children have murdered Laverick.

Laverick’s house is blown up by Josh Walker, the parent of a digital child.

Nicol gets Laverick’s head and narrowly escapes being blown up.

Bennett, a cullsman, kidnaps one of the surviving digital children who have been taken in by Marsha Walker, Josh’s wife.

Nicol uses the technology in the child to bring Laverick back to life.

Their intention is to have him make more digital children.


Part 4

Davey sets out to find Reverend Cross – King Solomon’s enemy.

While lost in the vast garbage mountains, he rescues an abandoned dog from suffocating in a bin bag.

He is attacked by mutant rats and the dog – Duke – comes to his aid.

They get attacked by men disguised in bin bags.

Davey thinks they have cooked Duke and eaten him.

The camp is attacked by men shouting religious propaganda.

Davey is taken to Serenity – the idyllic village where Cross lives with Deborah (now his wife).

Cross gives Davey the opportunity to kill him but tells him that King Solomon is hiding a nasty secret in the warehouses in the Freelands.

He puts a bomb in his backpack and tells him to ‘Do the right thing’ when he finds out the truth about King Solomon.

Davey goes back to the Freelands and finds that the warehouses are full of caged humans being used to supply King Solomon and his Grims with food.

He returns to Serenity and tells Cross that he hasn’t used the bomb as there is enough death in the world as it is.

Cross gives him a Bible and locks him in the cage in the basement, beginning his conversion.

While in the cage, Davey talks with Deborah and tells her he doesn’t believe in God because of his baby sister’s death.

Davey breaks free and starts a fire using Cross’s blowtorch to ignite the pages from the Bible.

In the chaos, Davey is attacked by Cross, but someone kills the preacher man, stabbing him dozens of times before slitting his throat.

Davey escapes the wreckage, helping an unconscious person out of the blaze, and heads back to the Freelands in one of Serenity’s vehicles.

On the way, he almost runs someone over.

He is overjoyed to find out that it is Duke.

The pair of them head back to the Freelands.


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