4.3 Recap


Davey is tiring, mentally and physically and doubts his ability to keep the rats at bay.

More and more pour from among the garbage.

A strange noise stops everything and he sees the dog he has rescued.

With the dog’s help, Davey fights off the rats.

He names the dog Duke, and the pair immediately bond.

Duke watches over Davey while he sinks into an exhausted sleep.

When Davey wakes up, they set off further into the vast garbage mountains.

Duke keeps stopping and barking but Davey isn’t sure why.

Eventually, he notices that there are men dressed in garbage bags, hiding among the rubbish.

They attack them, knocking Duke unconscious by putting a garbage bag over his head.

Davey fights them but they pin him down and put a bag over his head too, making everything go black.


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